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Wood selection
All woods used by the Mari’s are certified, accurately selected and labeled, according to age and final use, rejecting all those judged unquotable. It is of the almost importance that the wood has reached the highest degree of stability hence only naturally seasoned woods are used or, alternatively, woods treated in special ovens, accompanied by a certification stating the exact degree of dryness. The main sources of supply are: north America. South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.
Processing description
After having chosen and selected the wood, the planks are cut in shape, form and thickness very close to the ones of the finished product, and then stored for a period of 6/8 weeks. In this way when the moment arrives to start working on them, any irregularity or twisting becomes evident. The faulty pieces are then rejected and work on the selected ones begins. All the parts are then glued and (especially the multi-layered necks) stored again for a further period of time so as to let the glue complete its natural process of driyng. The next stage is high pressure glueing: this allows the glue in excess to be eliminated, leaving only the amount strictly required. This will increase, in the finished product strenght and stability while adding vibrating properties.

All the refining operations are carried out using machinery also specifically designed by Redivivus. The smoothing out of the edges on bodies and necks are carried out rigorously by hand. A lot of care and time is devoted to the realization of the inserts, the finishing of the edges and the neck body joints. Not less important is the fitting of the frets and the precision by which this is carried out. This important operation is performed by the use of an high precision/finely controlled oleodynamic press. The perfect alignment of the frets is achieved without the need of any further fine-tuning, thus leaving the profile of the frets unchanged, and obtaining an instrument perfectly intonated. All the above mentioned operations are as usual carried out by machinary designed and patented by the Mari Bros.
All the instruments sporting a natural finish are, after having been sanded “open pores” finish. Gloss finishes are obtained using either nitro or polyurethanic products, giving the choise of either colored or transparent finishes. During all the stages of the production the instrument is thoroughly and constatly checked in order to guarantee a top notch result: once the hardware is fitted the guitar/bass is then given severe test.