Electric bass Gibson Explorer

Project Details







The instrument presented the superior border completely milled, like a frame, painted in pastel green to heavily stand out.

Of the same green were the Gibson writings on the pick-ups and on the closure cover of the truss rod on the head stock. The kind of work required was really delicate and laborious, since it was impossibile to fill or add the missing wood with plasters or similar materials; the long part of the frame-like wood was then taken away with a mill.
This way a shoal was realised who permitted to accomodate a new border of the same wood of the body (mahogany),being now able to re-shape the original mold of the body.

The used mahogany has been wisely chosen to present the same veining of the wood constituing the body of the instrument,both for an aesthetic and mainly to avoid an emphasizing in the zones of glueing,due to the possible pull back actions of the wood in time.
After chosing and preparing the new parts we proceeded to their glueing on the shoal obtained on the body.the glued part were left to dry out for a long time so to obtain a good adaptation of the used wood before starting with the next work,Which has been the modeling of the instrument,very demanding and heavy,since the particular form that characterises this bass wich has been totally hand made.

The remodeling of the corners and the body has been quite a long and heavy work.Then we proceeded to the total painting of the instrument,a work that required a numerous series of expedients and very demanding too.

There were necessaries many layers of sealer paint,because the mahogany is a wood characterised by a quite unusual and accentuated porosity,until obtaining a perfectly smooth surface,at a later stage the black colour eand the final lucid transparent paint.
In the end it was provided a cleaning of the accessories(pick-ups and closure cover og the truss rod) from the paint,and the reassembling of all the electronics and mechanics (bridge, knobs, mechanics) on the instrument.
So it was finally brought back to its original state. In casees like this one,the times may require even some months or more to obtain an optimal result.
The instrument is property of Mister Carlo Barosso, which also kindly let us exhibit the operations of the repairs.
The photo nearby has benn made by him at the delivering of the instrument.