Electric guitar Parker Fly

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Broken headstock of a Parker Fly

The guitar,due to a fall,showed the breakage of the neck where the nut is (capotasto).

The supple wood of these models is uphlosted with a really thin carbonium sheet of three tenth of thickness.
The kind of breakage was pretty clear and presented a lot of difficulties to assemble the parts and the surface for the glueing was pretty reduced as the 40& of the surfacecontained the tag of the truss,not to be touched by glue in any way.

After uniting with care the two parts isolating the truss rob part with some wax,the two parts were fastened with a special glue. After that, to have the neck his solidity and consistency regained,we proceeded doing two longitudinal mills between the heahdstock and the neck in which later many hard wood blocks were inserted.(maple)

With this system,in addition to the support of the headstock we could obtain a major stability of the parts in time with a good guarantee of holding to the tension of the strings. After the glueing of the two chains we provided to re-shape the parts on the neck sanding and re-shaping the part in which we were interested.
To complete and build again oerfectly the surface of the backing part of the headstock,has been used a thin layer of fiberglass.
This operation will permit to mantain unaltered the finish in time reinforcing also the junction between te two parts.
After various sands,we proceded the preparation for the final painting. During the final painting we provided as we always do to recreate the same colour(metallic red) with lot of care,avoiding to repainting the entire instrument.

AT the end of the repair the instrument gained back his original characteristics included the perfect function of the truss rod and above all no traces of the operation were shown.