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Ovation Guitar

After a classic breakage caused by a person that used the guitar to sit on it (obviously not on purpose) instead of a chair,the instrument showed various breakages:the first one at the wedge of the neck,the second at the separation of the fretboard on the soundbox,and the third,the worst, was on the inside, in the joint hosting the pawl for the screwing of the neck,since this model is glued and also screwed by two bolts.


In a vain attempt of a repair,somehow thought to try to glue the broken part with hot glue,and the result can be seen href=”http://www.maribyredivivus.it/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/DSCN2874-1-1024×768.jpg”>in the image.
So it was needed a cleaning and a reconditioning of the crumbled parts,after the separation of the neck from the body.

The bonding has been done in a single time because it was needed to glue the missing part of the wedge but also the support containing the metal pawl the hosts the two bolts,to make perfect the connection between neck and body.

In the later phase body and neck were glued,both by screwing the two bolts inside the soundbox,which enter directly in the pawl put in the wedge, and by a clamp that pushes the fretboard against the soundbox.

When all was done the neck needed just to be retouched and repainted.
After the strings and the final setup,the instrument was like new again.